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Domestic Cleaning


Our domestic cleaning services can be booked for weekly or fortnightly visits of two, three or four hours. Book our services for four hours a week to take advantage of discounted hourly rates. We work out a cleaning schedule with you during your consultation visit.

Cleaners can add deep cleaning and occasional cleaning to the rota as you require.

Weekly and fortnightly tasks include:

  • Bathroom cleaning: clean toilets, showers, baths and basins. Replace toilet rolls. Mop floors. Clean behind toilet/sink stands and bathroom furniture.
  • Kitchen cleaning: remove grease and grime. Clean work surfaces. Clean sink and taps. Clean cupboard fronts, skirting boards, washing machine, kettle, dishwasher, toaster.
  • Bedroom, living room and dining room cleaning: clean and polish all surfaces. Change bed linen. Vacuum carpets and mop hardwood floors. Dust thoroughly.
Spring Cleaning


After our spring cleaning service, your home will look and smell fantastic. Get rid of musty odours, and refresh and revitalise your home with a cleaning service that gets behind furniture and deep cleans your kitchen and bathroom.

Spring cleaning services include:

  • Bathroom spring cleaning: clean, descale and remove mould and marks from baths, tiles, grout and showers. Scrub and disinfect sanitary hardware. Clean inside all windows. Clean mirrors. Clean, dust and polish skirting, doors and door frames. Scrub clean and disinfect bathroom floor.
  • Kitchen spring cleaning: remove all grease and grime. Clean oven inside and out. Clean fridge inside and out. Scrub clean and disinfect kitchen floors. Clean, wipe and polish all work surfaces. Clean and wipe cupboard fronts, dishwashers, washing machines, kettles, toasters and other kitchen surfaces. Clean inside and on top of cupboards. Clean and dust skirting boards and doors. Clean inside of windows.
  • Bedroom, lounge and dining room spring cleaning: clean behind all furniture. Clean under sofas, chairs and beds. Clean, dust and polish all surfaces including skirting boards, tables, mirrors and doors. Clean inside windows. Vacuum carpets (full carpet cleaning also available). Polish and mop hardwood floors.
  • General spring cleaning: we also clean light fixtures and picture frames throughout your home.

After Builders Cleaning


Had the builders in? No matter how well they clean up at the end of the job, there’s always dust and grit left behind. Book our after builders clean, which removes every last speck of dust from your home.

Our after builders cleaning service includes:

  • Remove ground-in dirt from carpets
  • Clean soft furnishings
  • Clean and polish all interior glass
  • Clean and polish wooden surfaces including doors, door frames and skirting boards
  • Remove dust and dirt from hard to reach areas
  • Remove dust from appliances
    Please note: client supplies all cleaning products and materials
End Of Tenancy Cleaning


Protect your deposit with our end of tenancy cleaning service. We clean to property management standards, paying special attention to the areas usually overlooked by tenants. From the corners of rooms to the tops and insides of cupboards, we’ll leave the property gleaming and fresh, ready for its next tenants.

End of tenancy cleaning services include:

  • Bathroom end of tenancy cleaning: scrub clean, descale and bleach baths, tiles, grout and shower heads. Clean and polish all glass. Scrub clean and disinfect floors. Disinfect and clean all hardware. Clean skirting. Clean inside and out of cupboards.
  • Kitchen end of tenancy cleaning: scrubclean and disinfect floor. Remove all grease and grime. Clean oven and fridge inside and out. Clean cupboards inside and out. Clean cupboard tops. Clean and polish work surfaces and other kitchen surfaces. Clean and polish skirting boards.
  • Living room, dining room and bedroom and of tenancy cleaning: clean and polish all surfaces. Clean behind furniture and under chairs, sofas and beds. Polish all glass. Clean skirting boards.
  • General end of tenancy cleaning: all light fixtures and fittings to be cleaned. Doors and door frames cleaned.

Windows Cleaning


Treat your windows to a bit of sparkle with our window cleaning service. Our cleaners use the latest products to remove grease, grime, fingerprints and hand marks from the insides of your windows. We leave every window in your house polished and gleaming.



Don’t fancy ironing all those work shirts, school uniforms and smalls? Leave it to us! Our ironing service can be added to your house cleaning rota at any time. Book weekly ironing and benefit from our excellent multi-hour rates. We will iron, fold and put away all clothes, and our cleaners are trained in specialist ironing for delicate fabrics.


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
They are THE BEST and do an OUTSTANDING job! I only recently used The Home Cleaning Services and I am really happy about the standard of cleaning.
I have had several cleaning services, but I have never been as surprised as I have been by the services of The Home Cleaning. Things are put back where they belong, everything is sparkling clean.I will have them to come back once a week for regular service. I am a client of The Home Cleaning for the life! Thank you very much!
Carlie, Limehouse
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I’ve been using home cleaning services for a while now, but they didn’t perform up to my standards. Then my friend suggested trying the services of “The Home Cleaning” and I was happy to hire them. My house looks spotless; the cleaners are always punctual, polite, and detail oriented. Rugs are thoroughly vacuumed, furniture dusted, bathrooms scrubbed, and all my traveling memorabilia nick knacks nicely arranged. Every time I walk into my house after they are done, the fresh smell of cleanliness makes me smile, feel refreshed and tranquil. I would strongly suggest using “The Home Cleaning” to every homeowner who is looking for a new cleaning company.
Grace, Homeowner
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I am impressed with The Home Cleaning services. They work very hard to make sure everything is clean and smells fresh. They exceeded all my expectations. Thanks so much for what you do and the service you provide.
I would gladly recommend The Home Cleaning to every busy person seeking an experienced reliable and trustworthy cleaning service.